neon10.net is responsible for any non-compliance of the consumer goods with the contract of sale, which exists upon delivery of the goods and manifests itself within two years after delivery, even if not knowing about the non-compliance.
A commercial guarantee is any obligation assumed by the trader or manufacturer to the consumer in addition to his obligation under this law to ensure compliance of the goods with the contract of sale, to refund the amount paid or to replace or repair the goods or provide other services related to with the goods, when it does not meet the specifications or possibly other requirements not related to the conformity of the goods with the contract of sale specified in the application for a commercial guarantee or in the relevant advertisement made at the time of conclusion or before the contract.
The warranty period starts from the day of delivery.

The User may not claim and loses his/her rights under the provided Commercial Guarantee:

  • in case of an attempt to perform repair and elimination of non-compliance by a person or service center not authorized by NEON10.NET;
  • in case of damage caused by improper operation;
  • in case of violation of the physical integrity of the product;
  • in case of chemical, electrical and / or other effects not related to the normal operation of the product;

The commercial warranty provided for the product does not cover components of the product with a limited shelf life (batteries, consumables, etc.).
The products and services listed on this Site are limited only to the General Terms and Information provided on the Site, without providing any warranties other than those set forth, including commercial and specific. The obligations of neon10.net in relation to the products and services offered on this Site are governed by the relevant agreements with importers and/or distributors of the presented products.